What to wear at the gym?

Those questions are asked by every woman who is planning to go to the gym for the first time. What to wear? What to buy? Is it supposed to be nice or comfortable? Or both?

Clothing for a gym or fitness club is a very important thing. But not necessarily because you have to look pretty.

Gym is not a catwalk, where you have to look perfectt. The point is to be comfortable. Remember that you go to the gym to exercise first of all. Therefore, when choosing clothes is not the most important what brand is it, how much it costs and whether the shirt goes well with the shoes’ colour. Pay attention to the material from which your clothes are made, its durability and whether it will be comfortable when working out. It has to give you freedom of movement and additionally provide adequate ventilation – so give up on the synthetic materials. The same thing about underwear and socks. Artificial fabrics will reduce the comfort and more intensive work out  may even cause chafing.

Sports shoes

The most important item at the gym are the shoes. Yes Yes. Not a shirt or shorts. Choose those shoes that will be suitable for the type of sport you want to practice. Some will be perfect for yoga, others for running, and others for indoor cycling. However, the shoes must be well-fitted and comfortable. If you need universal shoes, it is best to choose the ones with the description: running or training, which will work best for most exercises. Also pay attention to the material from which the shoes are made – the best ones will be those of breathable cotton that can be washed in the washing machine. It is also good for the shoes to have a removable pad and soft sole.


Most people come to the gym in grey cotton tracksuits. But if you want to look professional and fashionable (and feel comfortable with it), buy a one-color suit made of a breathable, natural fabric, preferably thermoactive. If you are looking for a good quality sportswear, it is the best to buy in specialized stores. However, the outfit must be above all comfortable and cannot restrain movement. It is also important to fit your silhouette and type of exercise. Other clothes are needed for pilates, others for exercising at the gym. Give up on clothes that have extra elements, such as buttons, straps, zippers and sequins, because they can disturb you during exercises.


When choosing an outfit to the gym, do not forget about a good base – underwear. This is the basis for a positive feeling at the gym. You will need a seamless, sporty bra. It will not disturb your movements and increase your exercise comfort. Ladies with small breasts should wear short, thermoactive t-shirts without an underwire or adjustable straps – they can irritate the body during training. Women with bigger breasts should not forget about professional sports bra. Built-in elastic shorts are pefect for working out at the gym.


All of those things have to be packed somewhere. That’s why you need a sports bag. You have to fit in a towel, underwear, shoes and a lot of other little things needed during and after work out. The best ones are those made of cotton. Practical are bags in dark colours, without light prints or embroidery. Pay attention to the pockets. You will need at least three – thanks to that you can separate the dirty and wet things from the clean. The bag cannot be too big so it fits to your locker in the dressing room.

You do not have to buy all the new clothes at once, it is worth buy them gradually once you get more passion for working out and firstly just try to combine those you already have in your wardrobe with the new ones. Good luck!

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