Comfy and stylish leggings

Do you love sports inspirations? Would you like to combine the latest trends with comfort? Feel great and look phenomenal at the same time? Today I have prepared for you several ways to sporty, colourful leggings that will make you feel sexy and comfy. What models should you choose? Have a look on my propositions.

Sports fashion very bravely entered the catwalks, even the biggest ones. After all recent fashion weeks in the capitals of world’s trends, it is obvious that the sport has mixed with high fashion for good. Nowadays it is very common to see sports shoes combined even with an evening dresses and vice versa.  And for sure, each of us at least once thought of buying leggings in an interesting design. Often unfortunately, we do not end up buying them because we do not know what can go well with them. In order to make it easier for you, I have prepared some inspirations to help you create an outstanding styling with leggings. Inspire yourself and be creative in composing your own sets.

Floral patterns

Usually I'm not a fan of floral skinnies but they kinda work here. Maybe different shoes though....

Combine leggings in floral patterns with delicate, plain shirts. Make sure the top has a straight cut. Also select shoes in neutral colour. The main accent of your styling are floral leggings. You will obtain a fresh and very girly outfit, perfect to wear to the office.

Animal print

Sienna Miller wearing leopard leggings at the airport.

This option demands a bit more of a confidence, but I guarantee you won’t regret that.  Super sexy leggings in leopard pattern is a thing that every one of us should have in the closet. They will always come handy when you need to feel more confident. Combine them with a regular top, stylish hat and delicate sandals or ballerinas. Feminine, sexy and classy!

Geometric patterns

Leggings in geometric patterns, especially in bright, vibrant colours, will attract everyone’s attention. To maintain the right balance, pick the rest of your clothing in similar shades that will fit your leggings. Delicate top and one-color high heels will work perfectly.


Khloe Kardashian lets off steam with Kendall  Jenner after difficult few months  | Daily Mail Online

Leather leggings are an absolute must-have. They can be combined practically with everything. They blend well with the green military-style park, heavy boots and black accessories. They are a great solution when you have to quickly get out of the house and have no time to choose the right outfit.


I fell in love with the grunge styling that you can easily create with velvety leggings. Choose loose top, heavy boots, gold jewellery and a hat. You can also mix them with a delicate white shirt and sandals on the cuffs. There are plenty of possibilities of wearing velvet leggings and your creativity is in the command.


Super sexy leggings in metallic colour. Mixed with the oversized sweater and a shoulder bag, nude high heels and matching bag – metallic leggings are truly phenomenal!

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